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Jul 8, 2023

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You’ve heard of the suburb, how about the man?

Before Ricciardo, before Webber, before Stoner/Doohan and Gardner, the undisputed champion of Australian motorsport was Jack Brabham. Back in the days of when F1 was as much about daring and danger as it was about cornering speed, Jack was out there, not just flying the flag but racking up 14 race wins, 31 podium finishes and 3 world titles in the 15 seasons he was active at the pinnacle of motorsport.

That said, the suburb itself has very little to do with the driver. Or motorsport in general. What it does have just like Sir Jack is a profile that could be described as criminally underrated. Whilst often lumped in with Ellenbrook and Aveley, Brabham is a slice of urban convenience sandwiched between the wide open spaces of Whiteman Park and the wineries/breweries and roasteries of the Swan Valley. The lesser known, more talented sibling if you will.

On a related note, as new suburbs on the periphery of Perth are opened and activated, what else would you like to see suburbs named after? Other famous faces, bands, animals… what’s on your mind? Let us know! We will discuss the best answers on the podcast.

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Is your new area Red or Blue?

With a federal election coming up, it seems topical to bring up the age old question… is your home in a Blue or Red electorate? Is it a swing electorate? Is it in a zone of political action or guided by a large streak of fatigue and apathy after a plethora of broken promises?

Often when living in an area that already has a predominant left or right side lean, its easy to feel that your vote doesn’t count. Classically expansion suburbs have been swinging in their loyalties and as a result get more attention from both the national and state leadership. Want to feel like you have the election in your hands? Like you personally have the means to move a mountain? Its something to look forward to.

As for this publication advising you as to which way to vote? Absolutely not! No siree, no thank you, no way, no chance. That is a slippery slope of which few come back from. What I can do instead is advise you to click here. What is beyond that link is the ABC vote compass. Instead of letting the spin doctors influence your vote, how about your own thoughts and beliefs? What could possibly go wrong?

All jokes aside, doing your civic duty and heading to the local primary school to cast your vote is literally the most Australian thing you can do. One piece of advice I will extend in the direction of reader is to always show up with cash in the wallet. Support the cake stall, get amongst the sausage sizzle… regardless of which way you vote, its always a good thing to support your local school.

Secret Harbour: 38 years on

Believe it or not, this year the community of Secret Harbour turns 38 years of age! What was once just a golf course and a beach, over time is has become the yardstick for what expansion suburbs are measured against. Born at a time when Rockingham seemed on another continent, and Mandurah on another planet, Secret Harbour slowly got swallowed by the neighbouring expansion and is now 30km+ north of the Southernmost point of the Perth Metro Area.

Now if you are looking at one of the new estates as the destination for your next home, just remember. Places like Secret Harbour started off as a sandpit too! Take a look at their plans for the finished plans for the community before making a commitment. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were any of Perth’s suburbs. Just know with the right plans, we can indeed grow trees in the desert.

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