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Perfect Investment Opportunities for Perth Builders



Yatta Investments provides you with the inside information you require to choose the most profitable option for you.

Where, when and what to build. We do this by utilising our exceptional knowledge and expertise and contacts in the industry.

In Perth, bricks and mortar investments have always been a safe bet and a sound, clever investment. The boom is only about to begin.

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Our Local Knowledge

Let us assist you on how you can invest through an investment property. Utilise the benefits of our knowledge and expertise.

Yatta Investments

The Development Process

Property investment doesn’t have to be complicated. We have more than 30 years’ experience to ensure your development is executed to perfection. From planning, subdivision, design and up front costs to no-hassle finance and seamless construction.

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We’ll provide an obligation-free project assessment, evaluate the feasibility of your plans and outline potential costs, including an estimate on siteworks.

We have access to systems that mean you can simply provide the address of the property you’re considering developing on, and we can check parameters such the R-code, size, sewer lines, access, crossovers and so on. We also have a good understanding of what is permitted by different councils.

We’ll visit your site to conduct a survey, to help explore the development possibilities of your block.

Our expert designers will work up early concepts for your project. This will give you – and us – a much better idea of what is possible, what is important to you and any potential roadblocks.

We will help you work out what is best for the area you are developing in. Are you developing to rent out? Or sell? Is your target market young families? Or couples looking for a lock-and-leave lifestyle? All of these sorts of things will impact the design.

We’ll help you choose the specifications that suit your project, target market and budget.

You don’t have to select the same specification for each of the properties you build. If you need a no frills fit-out for a home you plan to rent out, for example, but want a luxury specification for the home you plan to live in, then you can simply make your choices accordingly.

Check out this case study of a value-engineered development or this of a project with a higher level of fit out and finish.

With all the data in place, we’ll get to work drawing up the final development concepts. Our experienced team can create custom designs for even the most challenging subdivided blocks.

See what these clients had to say about their turn-key development journey.

We’ll provide you with a full written quotation, inclusive of site works. Yatta prides itself on delivering every quality development project on budget, on time – guaranteed

Once you’re happy with the plans and costs, we’ll take care of all council approvals and the pre-construction process.

With the green light, we’ll bring your development to life, from construction, to completion and handover.

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Made for You.

Investors aren’t just city brokers with millions in the bank. Yatta is for you if you’re anyone from a young professional, to mum-and-dad investors, to self-funded retirees – and anyone in-between. We make it easy.

Investment Property


If you have ever thought that it would be nice to have a rental or investment property for future financial security, now is a great time to buy in Perth. Contact the team at Yatta to unleash the possibilities.

Investment Property
International Investors

International Investors


Get in contact with Yatta Investments to tap into the local knowledge, experience, and contacts that will yield you the best possible result. Find out what to build, when to build, and where to build through Yatta.

Rental Yield Growth

PERTH METRO AREA (2017-2023)

True to form, Perth, and Western Australia as a whole has seen unparalleled rental property yield growth over the past 5 years. Rising from a steady 4% up to a current 5.5% average, with expectations over the next 2 years to increase further to 6.5% and beyond inline with our strong economy and rental demand.

Investment Properties


House prices in Western Australia are predicted to increase 15 per cent this year after strong demand fuelled greater than expected gains. The strong forecasts are driven by the growth in the economy with no signs of slowing in the coming years.

Capitalise on a Growth

Yatta Investments is a hub for the concerning property investor. We have years of industry connections so that we can source and package a tailored investment plan specific to your exacting requirements.

Reach out to our team today to find out how.