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Building Hub


Our building hub is designed for you to keep up to date on every process of creating your dream home and lifestyle.

At Yatta, we make the building process fun and seamless. It is an exciting time for you and us!

From selection of land to design and watching the build take place through to handover, we will be with you every step of the way. The more knowledge you have, the more you will enjoy the process. Here you will find the answers you need. We are also a phone call away.

Investment Homes

Step 01.


The first step is to simply reach out and contact us. We’ll have a quick chat about your house and land requirements, your chosen suburb and any other queries. Next we’ll check if you’re eligible for finance in a relatively fast process. Transparency is one of our values at Yatta. If we can assist, we’ll book a time to meet with you. If we honestly feel that we are unable to assist due to possible financial circumstances, we’re still more than happy to advise you on the best way forward.

Step 02.


In your meeting with us, we’ll discuss your finance options and establish a budget that suits you and your lifestyle. We work with some of the most experienced construction loan experts in the industry. Alternatively, you may have your own broker or bank, that’s totally fine with us – we’ll work closely with them to see your build come to life. We will discuss the building process, design options, deposits, and any exclusive packages we might be able to offer you, next steps and what you might need to prepare for. Finally, we’ll prepare some preliminary paperwork.

pre construction

Step 03.


The pre-construction phase takes up to approximately 8 weeks. At this stage, most of the scope is done behind the scenes. Our Admin team will order your contour site survey and the engineers will undertake a site inspection report (once your block is titled), as well as double checking the building plans and specifications. The Yatta team will begin to prepare your building contracts and your house sketch is turned into working drawings. All of this documentation is needed for shire approvals, developer approvals, energy certification, structural engineers certification, bushfire assessment and of course finance approvals. Once your finance has been approved you will settle on your block, typically within 21 days. The block is now all yours!

Step 04.


Time to get excited because it’s pre-start time! We won’t rush you during this process. We understand this is to be your perfect home. Our team will guide, advise you and listen to you during this phase. You can mark up your electrical plans and make all those key decisions on the finishes you desire. We’ll have samples of selections ​available at your meetings with us. By this stage, the building permit has been received and finance and settlement are confirmed.

Following this, the contract administrator will complete a final file check and then pass your build onto our construction team. Schedules will take place. Materials are ordered and site supervisors are appointed.

Pre Start Time Building Hub

Step 05.


Your dream home has been designed, you know what’s included and your finishes have been chosen. Construction is about to begin. The average build time for a single storey home is ­­­currently 12 months (for a typical single storey home). Unlike most builders, we don’t pass the buck at this point. We are still with you 100% throughout the construction of your new home. Any questions can be directed to us.

Step 06.


It doesn’t stop there though! You have a 6 month maintenance warranty and a transferrable 25 year structural guarantee through our dedicated choice of builder.

Building Hub
pre construction

As the name suggests, this is simply when the foundation is laid. It includes measuring out the design on the site, pouring the footings, under slab drainage, moisture barrier and special mesh for termite protection. Allow 1-2 weeks.

This stage is all about erecting the frame for your new home and ensuring all metal supporting angles for windows and external doors are in place for the construction of all major walls. Allow 4-8 weeks.

This includes the installation of your internal and external support structure, the roof frame and sheeting, gutters and insulation. Allow 3-4 weeks.

It’s at this point where you can literally start “locking up” the property because your windows, doors and remaining walls will be installed. It’s also safe for plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers and other tradesman to begin fitting out the property. Allow 10-12 weeks.

This is basically where all painting, installations and detailing have been completed and you’re effectively ready to move in. Allow 8-10 weeks.

The handover marks the end of your home building journey. Collect your keys and celebrate this momentous event in your life.

We did it!

It doesn’t stop there though! You’ve got a 6 month maintenance warranty and a transferrable 25 year structural guarantee; Our dedicated service team are there for any issues.

Yatta Covers a Lot of Ground


Our Yatta choice of builders are constructing homes from across the greater Perth metro area. From Two-Rocks North, to Mandurah and Dawesville in the south and as far East as Chidlow and Jarrahdale.

Building Hub
Yatta Covers a Lot of Ground

The Building Hub FAQ's


At Yatta, we make it easy for you. We help you find the perfect block, pair it with a stunning design that fits your budget. House and land packages have the benefit of only requiring one loan instead of multiple loans (encountering unnecessary fees/charges).

We’re upfront with all costs (Both Yatta and government). We explain the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG), and stamp duty if you require it.

Our Yatta construction teams are building homes right across the greater Perth metro area. From Two-Rocks in the north, to Mandurah and Dawsville to the South, and as far East as Chidlow and Jarrahdale.

Yes they are. A complete home and land package is just that… ready to move in! This includes floor coverings, window treatments, internal painting, landscaping, letter box and clothes line… the list goes on. We cover every detail and don’t overlook a thing.

Be encouraged. If you have no idea where to start, that’s fine, it’s what our team is here for! Head over to our ‘homes’ page to see our fantastic collection of home designs (completely customisable). It’s also okay to change your mind during the design phase… we won’t rush you.

Yes they can. You’re in charge here and we’re happy to take one of our designs and pair it with the perfect block.

There are no hidden costs. We offer transparency and are up front about every stage and process.

Yes, we encourage it actually! We want you to be completely happy with the final result. We can advise you on what’s possible, what isn’t and importantly, if any changes will affect the price.

You must be 18 years or over at the time of making the application (we can assist you with this). If you’re under 18, you may be able to apply for an exemption from the age requirement. At least one applicant must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident at the time of making an application.

During this meeting, we allow your inner interior designer to come to life! You decide exactly how your home will look and feel. It’s fun, we’re there to guide and support and we won’t rush you.