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Jul 8, 2023

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Interest rates? How best to understand the fluctuation.

Now to be brutally honest, if you think I’m about to wax poetic into some really pithy economic theory… you’d be wrong. Last thing we need is another voice to weigh into what this means post covid. All we need to know is that this pandemic was expensive and that a lot of government policy from abroad will affect us on some level.

What I do have for you is some fantastic reads to help you make sense of it. If you head to the RBA Site the press release there covers a lot of the reasoning as to why and touches a little on the overarching big picture. Over on Bloomberg they paint a positive picture on consumer spending and confidence and over at the Guardian they break down how this will affect the average mortgage payer. In times like this, its always imperative to just read up from reliable sources and to calmly plan your next move.

Todays good reads

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Where to live? Here are some testimonials about the places to live around our fair city. Might have some insights you hadn’t considered.

Help us help you!

The Yatta Lifting the Lid podcast isn’t just a fun thing for the team to work on but a fantastic chance for the average non industry person to get a sneaky little window into what really happens in the building industry.

We are always looking to be as on the pulse as we can be and one way to ensure that is to enlist your help

What should we be talking about, what would you like to know? The width and breadth of what subjects we are willing to cover is diverse but in order to get that perfect level of connection with the listener and broadcaster in perfect symbiosis… we need to know what you want us to talk about. Heck even if it isn’t exactly our usual fodder, we are still very interested in what you want to hear and want to ensure we are giving the people what they want. We want to hear from you!

Dishwashers are eco-what?

Yes believe it or not, that little guilty pleasure that we have using the dishwasher instead of pulling out the trusty green scourer isn’t as bad for the environment as you would first think. When the average Australian sink has a 22L capacity and your average cycle with a current up to date dishwasher burning through a respectable 15L per wash, just in water alone (our scarcest resource) the saving is significant.

Before buying a new dishwasher, check the WELS star rating. The more stars the appliance has, the more efficient it will be and the less water it will use. Anything with 4 or more stars is what you should aim for. Every little bit counts and you too can make a difference.

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Now if you prefer to consume your information through audio instead of through text (which is understandable) come and check out or podcast which lives here. It is a show we are doing weekly which has a nice blend of education and entertainment aimed at the prospective homebuyer.