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Jul 8, 2023

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North or South? Maybe East? For First Homebuyers, often the conversation is how far North (or South) one will have to go to find something that suits their budget. For long term Perth residents, it is quite common for us to pick our one side of the river and sticking with it… often loudly and proudly proclaiming which side is “better” with the passion of a diehard sports fan. What if I told you though, we aren’t just limited to the polar/binary options that that mentality speaks to? Dayton Bushmead, Midvale… all suburbs in the eastern corridor give you a comparable budget advantage that places like Alkimos and Hilbert offer with the sweetener being a quicker drive to the CBD, airport access being a mere hop, skip and a jump down the road and (arguably most important to those who grew up central) being able to not feel like your house is in South Lancelin (or North Bunbury)

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Across the Border South Australia’s building industry has its canary in the coalmine moment. Better Call Saul? Redemption is a dish best served on national television.

Who’s been naughty Here is a handy little resource for those in the process of choosing a builder. The names may surprise you.

What land is currently available? The Team at Yatta is here with our finger on the pulse. Easiest way to find out is to reach out to us.

Help us help you!

Here at Yatta, we have noticed that often a lot of language and text around the building process is high on jargon and is a tad “user unfriendly” for the average person who is from outside of the industry. And we are here to try and explain things in terms that are easy to understand without dumbing it down.

What topics would you like us to examine? Is it a specific point, is it one aspect of a much larger deal… let us know! In order to keep our content as relevant and fresh as possible please reach out to us and tell us (inside voices please. All caps gives our team the frowny face.)

Whilst we are in the business of selling houses, we are also in the business of education. With your feedback we can tailor that learning process into something that works for more people like you.



Ready for roadworks?

Is there any more frustrating thing than being stuck in traffic? Cars backed up, horns all slowly building to a crescendo, burly bloke leaning on a shovel, nursing a coffee chill with an almost thoughtful level of poise… You can almost feel that mildly claustrophobic sensation of a traffic jam simply reading that sentence.

That said, there is a FAR more frustrating thing that needs to be mentioned… the failings of government infrastructure. And since we are just about to hit May, look for smart councils to be investing into as many projects as possible between now and the EOFY. Unfortunately the modern world has us locked into a “use it or lose it” mentality when it comes to funding.

So next time you are in a large line of cars, being detained at the hands of the boys in hi-viz, remember that it’s the lesser of two evils.

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Now if you prefer to consume your information through audio instead of through text (which is understandable) come and check out or podcast which lives here. It is a show we are doing weekly which has a nice blend of education and entertainment aimed at the prospective homebuyer.