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Jul 8, 2023

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New neighbourhood? What are the schools like?

Over the last few years, the state government has built five brand new schools in Perth’s growing suburbs – Baldivis, Brabham, Yanchep, Harrisdale and Southern River – to ensure young Western Australians have access to quality education. The new schools provide across-the-board enrolment relief for Western Australia’s growing northern, eastern and southern suburbs – ensuring better education options for WA families. Often the infrastructure around a new community like schools and public transport accessibility sit on a knife edge in balancing supply and demand.

Traditionally, the quality schools (aside from the award winning juggernaut that is Rossmoyne senior high) have inhabited the more central, affluent areas, the western and riverside suburbs. Over the last 15 years efforts have been made with the new schools constructed to better reflect the needs of modern education, learning the lessons from some of the schools built in the 60s/70s, being better equipped as opposed to repurposing or making do.

The investment in education continues addressing more key needs. The new $17 million primary scool in the south of Baldivis opened in 2021, accommodating up to 430 students from kindergarten to Year 6. The rapidly growing Swan Urban Growth Corridor also welcomed the new $18.5 million Brabham Primary School in 2021 . It can take 540 students from kindergarten to Year 6.

Yanchep saw construction of the new $17.3 million Yanchep Rise Primary School beginning in late 2019 and the school opened in 2021. It has the capacity for 430 students. North Harrisdale Primary School opened in 2020, with the second stage opening in 2021. The $20.5 million facility accommodates up to 540 students from kindergarten to Year 6.

The first $7.2 million stage of a Southern River Primary School was constructed in 2020 and open in 2021, with room for up to 160 kindergarten and pre-primary students. Stage two will be completed for the start of the 2023 school year and cater for up to a sizeable 540 students.

The start of the 2019 school year saw the following new schools open their doors to ease pressure on current schools in their area:

  • Aspiri Primary School, Piara Waters;

  • Aveley North Primary School, Aveley;

  • Oakwood Primary School, Meadow Springs; and

  • Southern Grove Primary School, Southern River.

By 2021, the following were all up and running

  • Grandis Primary School in Banksia Grove,

  • North Baldivis Primary School,

  • Byford South East Primary School

  • Caversham Valley Primary School.

As Perth continues its sprawl unabated, its important that those who have (or are planning on having) children familiarises itself with the educational options in the vicinity when purchasing their next home

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Freeways: The arteries of a growing city.

82 km of road from the start of the Mitchell to the end of the Kwinana. 82km that serves as this cities main arterial North-South corridor. We all complain collectively on occasion about said stretch of road, but we all know how it would be an impossible commute for so many without this stretch of road. But what makes freeways so important?

Freeways and corridors are free of regulatory signals or stop signs hereby allowing the vehicles to adopt higher traveling speeds. That is why the corridors are also most commonly known as Signal Free Corridors. Corridors aim at managing traffic, minimizing disruptions and reducing inconveniences experienced by motorists and other road users while traveling. The interconnection of freeways or corridors by other roads is typically achieved with grade separated facilities in the form of either underpasses or overpasses. Freeways / Signal Free Corridors usually have footpaths attached with it to provide a safe place to walk for the pedestrians. Other than that specialized pedestrian footbridges or tunnels are also provided at various spots along the corridors after careful and detailed study of the pedestrian movement involved at the spots. For those travelling some of the longer distances in this fair city are already well versed with these tidbits.

Using Karachi as a comparison, a city that in 60% of the land are that Perth has, packs in 7 times as many people, Karachi experienced a vast development in its infrastructure in the last five years with the emerging concept of the signal free corridors. Three corridors have already been completed in these few years and two more are currently in the under construction phase. Though not a permanent solution to the city’s ever-growing population and traffic problems, the signal free corridors have eased the traffic problems temporarily for at least ten years. Although the sophisticated and well designed signal free corridors allow for easy, smooth and uninterrupted transitions between busy arterial roads they do have a few drawbacks and shortcomings that need to be looked into. The road safety situation which has now worsen greatly after the construction of these signal free corridors should be considered and proper safety provisions should be devised to overcome this hazard.

Whilst it is an imperfect like for like comparison, it does illustrate the importance of a Freeway infrastructure being able to be the backbone of a sprawling city. This is how we end up in situations that our Eastern States brothers and sisters currently “enjoy” with Toll roads… having private enterprise picking up the building and upkeep of important infrastructure when there is a glaring need, but in the process having a “user pays” type situation to fund the entire enterprise, that much like the Poker machine in the pub, hopefully remains an unseen phenomena on the West coast.
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